Everyday¬† thousands of software engineers go to work to develop programs that will help us live our lives better. However, programming is important in other areas as well, including robotics. Programming is and always has been the life of the robot, allowing it to move, turn, and do pretty much anything. Our programming team uses Java and Android Studio to make sure that our robot can reach it’s max potential.

Our programmers code in Android Studio to ensure that our robot can receive commands from specific hardware or software, rather than from the computer itself. With Android Studio, we are able to conveniently control our robot using a phone or a gamepad. This allows us to easily control our robot, which is essential to our success as a team.

Our team also uses Java, a program-editing masterpiece,as the base code for our robot. This is due to Java's great versatility in all aspects of programming, and it's amazing applicability in robotics. Combined with Android Studio, these two programs allow us to make our robot do whatever we want