We are Robotic Rampage

Strategy planning

At Robotic Rampage, our goal is to empower ourselves with knowledge about the changing technological world around us. To grasp our goals of ranking in FIRST Tech Challenge competitions and to help promote and develop each of our own individual skills, we need to maintain discipline and plan carefully.

Cad/ Robot Design

Designing the robot is a multi-step procedure that is very essential before building the robot because it e design and tests a robot virtually This reduces the chances of messing up.

Robot Construction

Robot Construction is the process of assembling and coordinating based on the robot design members’ CAD model. They have to develop a physical model of the robot and all its parts.


Programming is a way of coding our robot to complete actual tasks whether it be pick up objects or using new technologies like Tensorflow to recognize images and track them.

Meet Us

As a team, we have very exceptionally, inviolable ideals and morals, allowing us to flourish. Some of our ideals include maintaining discipline,  implementing upstanding coordination, enjoying our work, and loving robotics.

Engineering Notebook

Our engineering notebook is an organized documentation of our every initiative, our experiences which define us as a team, and a beautiful book to read


These company noticed our immense desire in enlightening our selves in STEM knowledge and enriching our community as well and decided to support us. We are still looking for more sponsors as our team is very hardworking and some of our needs require a few expenses.